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About Echo Relocation

Relocating is one of the most stressful moves there is; it can be time consuming, Intimidating, expensive and ultimately end in disaster if precious items are damaged. Echo Relocation has a dedicated team determined to ensure your move is as stress free as possible. Our goal is to provide you with such excellent service; you will call on us for this move, your last move and all the moves in between. After working for several years in the moving industry, John Bissell, founder of Echo Relocation, realized other moving companies all had one problem - they don't consider your next move. If their eye is on your next move this move will always go better.

The name Echo Relocation stems from this desire to help you move through life. From state to state and country to country, we'll move you there and back (like an ECHO). With over 30 years of experience in the moving industry, we have some of the best agents in every corner of the world. We help move over 400 families each year and 97% of our moves are claim free. Over 33% of our business is repeat business. We attribute our success rate to the customization of every move, which ensures each move receives our complete attention. Our goal is to provide you with such excellence service, Echo Relocation becomes your mover of choice now and in the future.

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